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Parish of Saint John the Theologian in Bialystok

Welcome to the webpage of Orthodox parish of Saint John the Theologian in Bialystok!

Poland is a country mostly inhabited by Roman Catholics, but the history of Orthodox Church on this area is both – long and rich. One can say that members of the Orthodox church has always been in Poland and apart from difficult and sometimes painful history they are an integral part of Polish society which they co-build and enrich by their presence.
In 1924 the Orthodox Church in Poland obtained the autocephalous status honored by all local Orthodox churches. Nowadays the number of members of the Orthodox Church is calculated as more than half a million of faithful, which gives its  a second place in terms of quantity among all the churches in Poland. Polish Orthodox church is organized in 6 dioceses, it has 9 bishops, more than 250 parishes, in which 350 priests and deacons are serving pastoral ministry. There are 11 functioning monasteries. Most of faithful inhabits eastern part of Poland. Major concentration of members of the Orthodox Church is recognized in Białystok, Bielsk Podlaski, Hajnówka, and Siemiatycze.
Białystok-Gdańsk diocese  is the second in terms of quantity of faithful in Poland. His Excellency Archbishop Jakub is the ordinary of this diocese, which is located in Białystok.
There are more than 300 thousand inhabitants in Białystok, among whom there is a bulk of members of Orthodox Church. There are 12 Orthodox Church parishes in Białystok among them is our parish of Saint John the Theologian.
On 29 of May 2007 Archbishop Jakub established the new parish situated in North-West part of Białystok. In the same year temporary temple which serves the faithful until the new Church and parish home will be build.
In our new parish the services are held by 2 priests - rector Very Reverent Marek Wawreniuk and vicar Reverent Michał Czykwin. There are two choirs – parish and children’s. There is also Orthodox Church Youth Fellowship.
The biggest shrines of our parish are the relics of Saints Cosmas and Damian along with the relics of Saints Wonderworkers Job and Amphilochius of Pochaev.
Saint Brothers Cosmas and Damian lived at the turn of III and IV century after Christ. They are commonly worshiped saints in both Orthodox and Catholic churches. The relics of saint physicians came to Poland from Kosowo and Metochia from monastery dedicated to their memory in Zociste. This is a unique place famous for many miracles and  wonderful healings at saint physicians’ relics.
Saints Job and Amphilochius are commonly known and worshiped saints famous for their miracles in monastery in Pochaev (Ukraine). They are especially close to all orthodox faithful in Poland who treat  Pochaev Lavra with great esteem and respect and where they go on a pilgrimages  quite often.
Nowadays our parish has started to build a new parish home and in a close future we are going to build new church.

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